Don’t let the BBC call time on The Hour

I’m delighted to see that people power has swung into action in a bid to pressure TV bosses into changing their minds about axing the BBC2 media drama The Hour.

More than 6,000 fans of the show – which focuses on a TV current affairs programme in the 1950s and stars Ben Wishaw, Dominic West and Romola Garai – have so far signed a petition on the website.

But will the powers-that-be listen? Intelligent drama providing a fascinating view of the rapidly changing social and political climate of post-war Britain makes a refreshing change from the routine dross we are so often fed on TV these days. Sadly it seems it simply doesn’t attract enough viewers. The opening episode of series two of The Hour attracted viewing figures of just 1.68 million viewers. Nowhere near enough to please BBC management.

Campaigners have described the programme, quite rightly,  as “a sophisticated show for a discerning audience”. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more of that kind of thing on the box? If you agree get signing that petition at 

Author: Jeremy Miles

Writer, journalist, photographer, arts and theatre critic and occasional art historian.

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