I’ve written my stagedoorscribbler blog elsewhere for years. Now I’m moving it in-house. It’s a name I rather like and one that was indirectly bestowed on me by no lesser performer than ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev.

To discover the reason just take a look elsewhere on this site at my Septembert 2018 post titled ‘From leap to freedom to dance of death – tragic final days of ballet star Nureyev’.

It recalls an occasion back in 1991 when a stricken Nureyev, ageing, deep in denial and dying of AIDS, brought a defiant evening of rather poor ballet to the British provinces.

I was despatched to review a show in Bournemouth. It was so bad that dozens of people of walked out. Many demanded their money back. I confronted Nureyev at the stage door and wrote a piece for the next day’s paper revealing the sad decline of the once great dancer.

Inevitably perhaps the story outraged some fans who were furious that a mere hack like me should have the temerity to criticise the performance of the brilliant Nureyev. Memorably one of incandescent letter writer dismissed me as “a mere stage door scribbler”. Voila! A new byline was born.

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