Pointless death of celebrity-chasing paparazzo killed after snapping Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

No one has much time for celebrity-chasing paparazzi these days (except a few dinosaur magazine editors who seem incapable of realising that the world has moved on) but how sad to hear that a photographer has died while apparently snatching  pictures of pop star Justin Bieber’s latest Ferrari.

The hapless snapper was hit by a passing car after apparently walking into the road to photograph the white Ferrari 458 Italia after it had been stopped by the police in Los Angeles.

What a stupid way to go particularly as the 18-year-old pop idol wasn’t even in his  $200,000 super-car at the time.

According to CNN, Bieber issued a statement saying  that his thoughts and prayers were with the family of the victim.

He added: “Hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves.”

In other words a pointless death which might well lead to even more controls being exerted over a largely responsible media.

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